TEACHING BASIC COMMANDS - Entry #10 ("Standing Ovation")

October 11, 2009

This is not something we have taught our dogs to do. However, I have seen Japanese Spitz standing and dancing on their hind legs and it is SO cute! (See dancing Japanese Spitz here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-FrINJD1PQ) For those of you who would like to teach you JS how to stand in his/her hind legs, below is a helpful article I found by September Morn, a writer for Dog Fancy magazine.

Lure your dog into a standing position by holding a treat in front of her nose, then moving it straight forward. Stop moving it when your dog stands up, click or praise to mark the behavior and give her the treat as a reward. When luring a stand, position the treat so your dog's muzzle is horizontal. If you move the treat upward your dog will probably sit. If you hold it too low, she may lie down.

After your dog follows a treat lure into a standing position several times, phase out the lure by moving your hand with the same motion, but without holding a treat. When your dog follows your hand and stands, click or praise, and reward with a treat. This becomes the hand signal that means "Stand"

Add a verbal cue, "Stand" or "Stand Up", saying it just before you make the hand signal.

Reduce the use of treats once your dog consistently responds to your hand motion or command.

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