FIRST AID IN THE FIELD (Entry #9 - The First Aid Bandana)

August 1, 2010

In this series, we have covered what you should do for various injuries that your dog may sustain. The problem is, unless you thoroughly commit this information to memory or have a computer near by, you still may not know the correct procedure to follow should an emergency occur.

Problem solved - I recently discovered the First Aid Bandana by Wag'N Pet: http://www.wagn4u.com/pet_first_aid_bandana.html. As the official product description states, this nifty item is a very useful resource in emergency situations, and covers topics such as Cold Injuries; Heat exhaustion and heat stroke first aid; Bleeding first aid; full list of situations requiring emergency veterinary care; choking management; insect, spider and snake bite first aid; burns; seizure response; and the ABCs for Cats & Dogs Diagram (which covers opening the airway, rescue breathing and CPR techniques). Summarizes symptoms and treatment.

Take this $8 bandana with you on your pet-accompanied hikes. In the unlikely event that an emergency occurs, you'll be very glad you had it.

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