Fire Safety

April 3, 2011

According to the National Fire Protection Association, 500,000 household pets are killed in household fires each year. Following these safety steps (provided by Dog World magazine) might protect your dog from a fire.
  1. Adhere pet decals on your home's front windows to alert first responders that you have a dog inside. Pet decals can be found at pet-supply stores, local fire departments, home-security companies, and online. (In fact, SunBear Squad provides a great decal: http://www.sunbearsquad.org/files/wallet_rescue_cards.pdf)
  2. Give an extra set of keys to a neighbor.
  3. Consider investing in a monitored alarm system with remote access control. This will automatically alert the fire department if smoke or carbon monoxide is detected in your home.
  4. Maintain a clean yard and keep hedges trimmed to decrease the likelihood of a brush fire igniting near your home.
  5. Have your heating system inspected for gas leaks each fall. Every year, carbon monoxide is responsible for more than 400 human deaths and 20,000 trips to the emergency room.

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