Help for Allergy Sufferers

June 11, 2011

As one who has suffered with allergies all my life, I know how miserable they can make a person. If you have allergies like me, DogFancy magazine offers tips for us:

Always consult with an allergist first to understand the severity of the reaction and to learn methods to manage it. Then consider how to minimize the symptoms.

Bathing dogs with special shampoos, giving them oral agents, or using vacuum filters can help, but don't always work for every allergy sufferer, says American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology. When vacuuming and grooming your dog aren't enough, ACAAI suggests taking these steps to further reduce the irritants in the household:
  • Avoid carpeting: Hardwood or polished floors are less likely to harbor allergens.
  • Banish fabrics: Avoid fabric or upholstered furniture; use blinds or shades instead of fabric curtains.
  • Launder properly: ACAAI states that the best way to remove dog dander from fabric is to wash at 140 degrees with one rinse; at any temperature with two rinses; or use a steam washing machine.
  • Cover pillows and mattresses: Studies show that using tightly woven fabric with openings less than 4 microns wide can reduce allergens.
For best results, incorporate as many of these changes as possible, particularly in the areas where allergy-sufferers sleep.

* Above information taken from DogFancy Magazine - March, 2011 issue.

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