Taking the Bite Out of Teething

July 16, 2011

Poor puppy! Just when those 28 puppy teeth come in, those 42 adult teeth start clambering to the surface. You can help ease the pain - naturally.

In addition to providing chew toys, putting ice chips in the water bowl, and massaging the gums, herbal remedies may also help. Chamomile can calm uncomfortable pups when the tea is given as a drink. Steep one teaspoon of dried herb in 8 ounces of water and let cool.

Likewise, the homeopathic remedy Chamomile can be used, with a low potency, given two or three times per day. Try freezing aloe vera juice into cubes or in a paper cup that can be peeled away. Rub the frozen juice on your puppy's gums to ease irritation and banish pain.

The teething stage lasts several months. Then, you'll need to be sure to hide the shoes from those brand new pearly whites.

* Information taken from DogFancy magazine - May, 2011 Issue

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