Adventures in PetSitting . . .

August, 2012

Sammy - We love this cutie!  I have never met such a dog-like kitty.  What a socialite!!

July, 2012
Michael has been having a big time with the Wherry pups!  And it looks like they're having a big time with him, too!!!  :)

 July , 2012
Awwww!  Look at who is always waiting for us at the door everytime we visit!  We just adore that big ole' muppet face!

July, 2012
Oh yes!  Snorters or not, you gotta love the EBDs!!!!

June, 2012
This is Cocoa.  That's right!  We care for cats, too!  :)  She liked getting booty scratches from Michael.

June, 2012
Just look at these cuties that we took care of this weekend!  Our friend and fellow pet sitter, Christi Long, calls these babies her "Little Lambs"!  Aren't they adorable?  Here, they are waiting patiently while Valerie prepares to give them some tasty treats.

June, 2012
We took our long-time clients, Macki and Giacomo, to the Shelby Farms Dog Park. Macki finally overcame his fear of water!  Giacomo is still working on his.

June, 2012
CUDDLIN' WITH SOME KIDS!  While at our monthly group leaders meeting at the Humane Society of Memphis and Shelby County, Val got to spend some time with some 8 day old baby goats.  They were adorable (even though they smelled a little like poo . . .)! 

May, 2012
Here is Michael getting a little Boxer love from a couple of pretty awesome boxer boys!


April, 2012
We are proud to have participated in the first Annual PuppyUp! Canine Walk for Cancer Research.  Michael even got to take a picture with Cassie, the spokesdog for the event and cancer survivor!

April, 2012

Michael met the sweetest ChowChow in existence!  This sweetie is named Jade and Michael absolutely fell in love with her!

January, 2012
Valerie training some more sweet pups.

December, 2011
Valerie went to visit Linda and the MARL dogs
with some tasty Christmas treats.  It didn't take
long for her to teach them that they must sit before
getting their reward.  Look at how patiently they wait!

November, 2011
Michael fell in love with Puddles - one of our new
PetSitting clients.  What a cutie this little girl is!!!

October, 2011
More puppy kisses for Val from Jamie Lee Curtis,
a puppy currently in MARL's care.  If interested
in giving this sweet puppy a home, contact

September, 2011
This is Giacomo and Macki, a couple more
of our regular pet sitting clients.  They needed
some practice with their "waiting at the door"
manners, so this is us practicing.  They did
a great job!  The door is wide open,
yet they are waiting patiently for the signal
to come on in!  Good job, boys!

June, 2011
Michael is an awesome pet sitter!  This 
big ole 175 pound Mastiff named Jack gave 
him kisses to show his appreciation!

May, 2011
Valerie got to spend some time with a super sweet
horse, um, I mean labrador, today.  My, my, Skylar!
What big feet you have!!!

May, 2011
Valerie was recognized in the Commercial Appeal
for creating a Flash Mob dance routine for the dogs
and volunteers for the Humane Society. Here, she
poses with King, a sweet Humane Society pup who
needs a home. If interested, call 901-937-3900.

April, 2011
Another one of our regular pet sitting clients
Hemi loves to cuddle, but he loves kisses even more!

April, 2011
Michael (holding sign) and Valerie (yellow shirt)
participated in a Humane Society flash mob
in downtown Memphis to promote
Animal Cruelty Prevention Month!

March, 2011
Valerie loves puppy cuddles.
She got to spend some time with sweet Ellie Mae
at a PetSmart adoption event.
February, 2011
Val getting more love from Birdie Ann.
This sweet baby girl has an incredible story.
She is a perfect example of how, no matter what
abuses a dog may suffer, they are still
capable of showing unconditional love.
Can you give her a home? 
Contact Linda (

November, 2010
Valerie loves getting doggie kisses.
This is Birdie Ann.  She needs a home.
If interested, contact Linda (
Here's little Banks.  My!  How he has grown!
November, 2010
Valerie dropped in at a fundraiser for MARL.
What a sweet boy little Banks is!
July, 2010
Valerie spent a lot of time with Holly (cattle dog) and Lucky (terrier mix), two sweet pups in need of a homes.  If interested, contact Linda with MidSouth Animal Rescue League (