Happy Tails

Listed on this page, are tales of the dogs we have helped to find new forever homes.  We dearly love every dog that we have helped.  We are so happy to be a part of such happy endings!

I was in Florida attending my grandmother's funeral when I got a call from my co-workers in East Memphis telling me there was a frightened dog hanging around our office building.  Some of them had tried to catch her, but didn't have any luck.  She was timid because some warehouse workers nearby had been throwing rocks and sticks at her.  A few days later, I came back into town and went to work.  I was there for just a few hours when I was told that the dog was back.  Armed with a bag of chewy treats and my slip leash, I walked toward the poor girl who we would later name Mercy.  She was scared until I sat on the curb and started throwing treats her way.  Once she realized I was a friend, she basically collapsed with relief in my lap.  I led her back to my car and she immediately fell asleep in my backseat.
After posting Mercy's picture on Facebook, I received a call from an old highschool friend who was had decided it was time to open her heart and home to a new friend.  She fell in love with Mercy immediately.  Mercy is now very happy in her forever home.  She has a human big sister and a new little canine brother.


When Marley was a young puppy, his owners decided they didn't want him anymore and shut him up in a barn with this 5 yr old father for weeks at a time with little human interaction.  Eventually, the two Great Pyrenees were surrendered to a foster mom when Marley was 6 mths old.  Unfortunately, she became ill and was unable to properly care for her foster animals.  The animals in her care became very thin, and unfortunately, Marley's father died of heat stroke in her back yard.  When we rescued Marley from his foster mom, he was a very slight 38 lbs and was covered in fleas and mats (pictured left).  After Marley's rescue, he quickly gained 20 lbs!  After we got him healthy and had him neutered (pictured below), The Great Pyrenees Rescue helped us to find a wonderful home in Connecticut. He now lives with a nice 40 year old couple and their teenage daughter on quite a bit of land.  I hear that his best friend is now a local cow! 


This is a picture of Duke, a Redbone Hound that was wandering the streets of a Millington neighborhood.  We heard from neighbors that the dog catcher had been trying to get him for months.  Duke had once belonged to someone who loved him very much.  However, months on his own (we're assuming he was lost in the Millington floods) and taunting from neighborhood children left him starving and fearful.  Fortunately, all it took was the kindness of a neighbor feeding this poor guy and he was willing to follow her into her home.  The picture to the left was taken of Duke before he would allow himself to be caught.

Meanwhile, in Munford, TN.  A family with a female bloodhound decided that she needed a best friend to play with.  They saw my ad for Duke and immediately fell in love.  When Duke was caught, his new mommy couldn't wait to get him.  When she brought him home, he seemed immediately relaxed.  Duke now lives inside a comfortable new home with a great new family - a far cry from the dark fields and dumpster areas where he use to spend his nights. He and his new Bloodhound sister (pictured below) immediately hit it off and are truly best friends.



RILEY, a 3 yr old female Labrador / Chow mix, was surrendered to a foster in Millington, as her family had to move into a small apartment and could no longer care for her.  Her foster had an accident and broke her neck - so she could no longer care for sweet Riley. Meanwhile, in Memphis, an older gentlemen had recently lost his wife due to illness.  He was looking for a canine companion with which to share his home.  He and Riley met and it was love at first sight! Riley and her "daddy" live together happily in their home in East Memphis.  Riley gets plenty of one-on-one attention, which she loves.  What a beautiful happy ending.

Riley looking all fat and healthy while playing with her favorite toy in her new home!


Jaxon was a 6 month old dachshund. His new human parents loved him very much, but unfortunately, one of his new canine brothers did not.  The family tried and tried to help the dogs get along, but finally decided it would be in Jaxon's best interest to find a new family.  About 30 minutes away, a young couple, recently married, had decided it was time to add a new four-legged addition to their family.  Both had dachshunds growing up and knew this was the breed for them.  When the met Jaxon, there was no doubt.  All three now live very happily together and Jaxon is quite content in his new home with his new family in Germantown.  He receives constant doting and spoiling - just what this little guy loves!



Shadow, an 8 yr old Labrador mix, had a wonderful life - that is until his human daddy died of a heart attack, his canine sister died of bloat, and his human mommy had to move away from him - all in the period of about 2 months.  Shadow was very attached to his foster mom, but children made him nervous, so he could no longer stay with the foster family.  Fortunately, a wonderful, single woman in mid-town learned of Shadow's story and knew that he was the dog for her!  She met Shadow and immediately fell in love.  They currently live happily together in downtown Memphis.